Thursday, July 17, 2014

Where Was Wednesday?

I stand corrected.
Yesterday was the longest day, not Tuesday.

Here's why.

7:30 AM. Time to wake up. I woke up (barely) and then got ready, ate, etc.

blah blah blah. These little things don't really bother you, and you barely notice them. Until you have a bad/long day. Then you notice everything. Every little thing. 

At work, I learned the codes to change the file permissions, and then I was able to install TAFKAA! Now I just need to learn and understand what it actually is and how to use it...

I helped out my coworkers by researching external storage drives that we may eventually need to buy to keep all of our data on. I also researched several pycnometers for the lab, and made an excel spreadsheet about them.

For lunch, there was a bit of confusion, but I ended up eating at Crossroads again. After that, we [the same fellow interns from Tuesday] visited the Biomedical Modeling, Imaging, and Visualization lab. This is where one specific intern I'm jealous of works. He's the one with the Smart TV, if you remember. I helped him set it up so he could use the Smart TV as a really, really big external monitor. We went on to waste time watching youtube videos on it.

After that, I went back to my lab, and my coworkers and I planned out what we were going to do for the rest of the week. Our research advisor e-mailed us and asked if we had set up and ran any test experiments. We have not. But soon we will. 

For your information, if you didn't know already, I play chess. Last night, I had a chess simul event, where I played agaisnt 26 people at once. It started at about 7:35 PM, and I got home at around 12:45 AM. So, it was a pretty long night for me too. Walking around in a circle for 5 hours doing nothing but playing chess is pretty fun.... Until it reaches 10 PM. 11 PM. 12PM.

So while I may have not been detailed and elaborate in my blog, trust me- it was a long day.

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