Thursday, July 24, 2014

Travail on Thursday

My ankle still hurts. A lot.

Oh well.

Today, the oven arrived! (as expected)
We set it up, and now it's ready to be used! Now we are waiting on some other equipment to set up later on. Our research advisor found the contact information for the GPS support, and we will do that tomorrow, and hopefully resolve the problem. Sometime soon, we will look at the spectrometer processing code and modify it a little bit for the GRIT. Also, our research advisor made a master list which also includes plans for future lab field experiments and such. 

At lunch today, I saw one of the deaf college students whom I talked with yesterday. We talked about majoring in Computer Science at RIT, and what the courses were like. We also talked about IT, and how CS and IT compare and contrast. Finally, we talked about how CS has many, many applications, and how to get involved with said applications.

Today, I brought my laptop and my Printrbot Simple 3D printer, and set them up in the lab. Today, I have been staying in the lab printing many things, I'm actually here right now as I type these words. I think this is the longest I've stayed at work so far. It's pretty fun!

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