Friday, July 11, 2014


Friday. --  I mean--  Friday!

Today, my coworkers went to Lake Ontario to gather samples, and I was at RIT all day. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, though. Here's why.

My RIT CIS ID has not been giving me card swipe access to anywhere :(
Until today! One of the very nice and friendly staff helped me fix the problem, and now I have access to my laboratory, as well as the break room and many other rooms that I'll never go into. Yay!

Today, Dr. Bachmann shared with the group (graduate/undergraduate students, etc) and me some of the code for the Spectrometer Processing from the GOPHER. Now I can actually get started and do some real work!

Also, there is some atmospheric correction (don't ask) software that we are trying to get installed onto our computers. This is now another one of my tasks. I will install TAFKAA (an atmospheric correction software), and make it accessible and usable through ENVI, using ENVI as a convenient, familiar interface. After I accomplish this, I will make a short and sweet tutorial for my coworkers so that their lives are easier.

At noon, there was a "Lunch cookout," where Mr. Callens, et al., set up a grill and served a lot of food! The interns set up a volleyball net, and we inevitably played volleyball! I also played some bocce ball with a couple of my fellow high school interns, all while enjoying hotdogs, fruit, and brownies. Life is good.

After that, I went back to the lab and started looking at the files and the instructions for installation. Later on, my coworkers came back and told me about what they did at Lake Ontario and why they did what they did.

We planned out what we were going to do next week, and then concluded with a sense of relief. Then we all said our farewells, and all went our separate ways to enjoy our much-deserved weekend!


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