Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tied up on Thursday

Today was a more busy day. I dont mean that I did more things today than other usual days, but it was a full day today.

The morning meeting went from 8:45 to around 10:15. During this meeting, we had a peer review of each other's outlines for our presentations. It was very interesting to see the other interns' presentations because it also gave me more insight on what kind of work they are actually doing, rather than just learning about what kind of things they are researching in the other labs.

After this morning meeting, I directly went to my advisor to show him the work I had done with his code. I helped him identify what the problem actually was in his code, and I also added a couple of improvements in his program. After this, he wanted me to start working on fixing another program he had made. In order to do this, he had to actually give me the program and the code to begin with. To do this, i needed to access the server so that i could download said files, but i was encountering an error that stopped me from being able to get the files. After fixing this, it was already 11:30! Time certainly flew by this morning.

After lunch, I went to the DIY camera lab to be a test subject for them. They wanted me to build the Bigshot Camera from the DIY kit and instruction manual provided. Apparently, I did this quite fast and broke the record for building the camera in the least amount of time... It was fun!

After all of this, I went back to the lab, and my advisor gave me the files for the second thing he wanted me to work on. We worked on this for a while, and we figured a few things out. There's apparently one last problem he needs to fix before i can work on it. 

My coworkers, advisor, and a couple of graduate research students all looked at the equipment we had so far. We moved more things, and talked about things that were to come. We also tried out the sieve shaker that was in the lab, just to see how it worked and what it was like. 

After all of this finished, it was 5 already! We all went home and called it a day.

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