Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday #4

Today, I did a bunch of things, listed below.

  • Worked on presentation outline
    • update at end of blog
  • helped troubleshoot the GPS more
    • we're closer to the end, but there's still one issue that we need to fix
    • it's a com port communication issue
  • helped look at some code for processing the data from the Spectrometer and the GRIT
    • problem in the code that i need to fix
      • time to learn some C++
      • time to actually work with some code
    • got access to the server so i can download the files (through FTP/SFTP) and work on them
    • learned more about unix commands, etc
  • got ready to order blackout material for the optical table that will arrive soon
    • found the store online, got a quote, etc
  • got ready to order clean room mats
    • for trapping dirt and keeping the room clean
    • found it online, got a quote, etc
  • 3D printed things for the interns as well as my coworkers
  • met some more deaf people who are here for a summer coop program
    • theyre working at the NTID services desk
    • i'm joining them for lunch tomorrow
I've only changed a couple of slides but here's the whole outline so that it's easier to see them all.

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