Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tony talks on Thursday

Hello again!

Well, I want to apologize (and also apologize in advance) for the dullness that may have/will appear[ed] in my blogs; I don't always write with a sense of enthusiasm :(

Oh well.

Anyways, today, as you may have deduced, Tony Vodacek ( gave a talk about his past research/project concerning the dynamics of Lake Kivu. It was very interesting, and he incorporated a lot of different imaging science fields into his research, making it appeal to most everyone, including me (evidently).

Today, Dr. Bachmann showed me some of his articles and papers about past research that he has done. These articles showed me what kind of data collection and analysis and inferences we will be making with our current project.

A few articles include:

"Retrieval of Substrate Bearing Strength from Hyperspectral Imagery during the Virginia Coast Reserve (VCR'07) Multi-Sensor Campaign"

"Phase angle dependence of sand density observable in hyperspectral reflectance"

"A dual-spectrometer approach to reflectance measurements under sub-optimal sky conditions"

"Linking goniometer measurements to hyperspectral and multisensor imagery for retrieval of beach properties and coastal characterization"

There's a lot more, of course, but these are the major examples.

Dr. Bachmann also sent me a few resources giving me background information as preparation before looking at the code from the GOPHER. These resources also give me more insight on the kind of work they have done with their past research.

Today, a group of middle/high school students were given a tour of RIT, including the labs in the Carlson CIS building, where I intern. They came and crammed into our lab, and my coworkers gave excellent descriptions of the lab and what they do in it. Even I learned a lot!

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