Monday, July 28, 2014

3 weeks already?!

On Friday, more stuff arrived to our lab. I helped move and set up some things, I mostly planned (or at least tried to plan) where we would put the rest of the equipment. That is to say, where do we put them for storage; we can't just leave them lying around the lab, can we?

After a lot of moving and looking for space, I worked on the GPS, trying to troubleshoot it. I didn't do this for very long as the interns had a lunch cookout in front of the building. The weather was very nice, we set up the volleyball net, and a fellow intern brought his soccer ball, et cetera. We grilled our own food, so I grilled my own hot dogs, something I haven't done in a while. All of us played, talked, played again and talked again, until we all got back to work.

I went and worked on the GPS again. I finally got the bluetooth connection to work, but it didn't last very long. As my coworker said, the bluetooth feature was "funky. I also installed the software onto the field laptop so that data could be downloaded from the handheld device onto the computer for analysis and cataloging. I then tried but failed to test-collect data from outside RIT. I will try again another time.

Hopefully on Monday, I will be able to do this and finally get the GPS working. Have a good weekend!

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