Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Final Week...

On Monday and Tuesday, even though it didn't seem like much was happening, it has been getting more busy and more pressured. Summer work, friends, chess, tennis, and other things have helped add to this.

In our lab, more things have been and are arriving, including the new refrigerator and the sticky mats. I have been helping move these and set them up. One of the undergraduate students and one of the graduate students are not around this week, and our advisor is on vacation this week. Our lab also set up a Met Station, which is basically a weather station, on the roof and it is collecting many things, including wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, sunlight, and precipitation. All of this will be used with the TAFKAA software to perform atmospheric correction on the data collected. The next data collection is this Thursday, but I cannot go, for I have to go to the morning meeting where we will have a peer review of the presentations that will be given this friday. The presentations are comprehensive summaries of what we have done during our 6-week internship. They start at 9am in the Carlson (Building 76) auditorium this Friday.

There's not much I'm doing today, I am continuing my work on the presentation and the summary of things that I would like to be included in my letter of recommendation. I'm also helping research a table to put our oven on top of. Soon I will help move stuff again into a truck for the data collection tomorrow, and then probably go home early.

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